Approved Spring Retainer

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As required for superstocks under:

T12-1-57 SUSPENSION (rule from 1st January 2023)

(a) Any type of suspension can be used.

(b) Coil springs must be clamped or chained in position, by use of a Speedway NZ Approved spring retainer. .

(c) Suspension must not be able to be adjusted by driver while in the driver’s seat (June 2022)


As required for stockcars under:

12-2-67 SPRINGS (Rule from 1st January 2023)

(a) Coil springs are permitted.

(b) The coil-over spring assembly kits must be either cast iron, steel or brass.

(c) Any car fitted with coil springs must have the springs securely fastened in position. by use of a Speedway NZ Approved spring retainer

(d) Aftermarket torsion bar systems are permitted. Only steel arms and stops are permitted. (June 2022)


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